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Block bots,

Save money and

Protect your Ads!

Up to 17% of all pay-per-click ad spend only on GOOGLE ADS are

click fraud, estimated to cost advertisers up to $44 billions annually.

Are you tired of losing money

to pay-per-click fraud on Google Ads?

Protect Ads is the perfect tool that protects your business from PPC fraud and keeps your ad spending going to real, valuable customers.

We provide a simple dashboard that allows you to monitor your ads and block any suspicious activity automatically. Plus, our advanced algorithms detect and block bots before they can click on your ads. With Protect Ads, you can rest assured that your ads are safe from bots.

Why use Protect Ads


Advanced algorithms

Benefit from our advanced algorithms that detect and block bots quickly and efficiently.

Only authentic clicks

Ensure that your ad spend is going towards valuable, authentic clicks.

Block fraudulent clicks

Block fraudulent clicks before they cost you money.

Build clean custom audiences

Build clean custom audiences and retarget them without spending money on bots.

Protect your business

Protect your business from click farms, bot traffic, and other forms of PPC fraud.

Enjoy peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your ads are protected. 24/7 customer support.

Who are we blocking?


At least 40% of internet traffic is not generated by humans, but rather by bots. These bots have no intention of making a purchase on your website and will only end up wasting your ad budget.

Click Farm (spiders/crawlers)

Click fraud operations are often employed to increase the number of clicks on search engine results and social media channels.

Fake clicks

A fake click is a type of click that is generated through fraudulent or malicious means. This includes clicking on ads multiple times, clicking on ads from the same IP address, or using automated scripts to generate clicks.

Partners & Reviews

google partner
  • “Protect Ads saved us 15% of our ads spend budget every month by blocking bots and competitors.”

    Attila Gere

    CTO - Stailer

  • “We managed to reduce our budget burn down from 40% to 0% in just three days, completely eliminating the issue.”

    Oltean Catalin

    CEO & Founder -


Don’t rely on basic protection

Google ads Default protection
Real-time blocking
IPs on exclusion list
Custome Blockers
Click treshhold limitations
VPN blocking

Fully connected to your platform


Protect Ads works with any platform, so you can protect your ads no matter where they are. Installing takes just a few minutes, so you can start saving money on your Google Ads right away.

Get Started With Protect Ads


How is Protect Ads working ?

Protect Ads is based on advanced algorithms which allows it to detect and block bots before they can click on your ads and also select custom rules depending on your industry to stop spending money on useless clicks.

Can I have custom blocking setup ?

Yes, you will have a custom setup in your account where you can change different types of rules depending on your business (our account managers will guide and present you with the best practices depending on your industry).

Doesn't Google prevent click fraud ?

Google has processes in place to prevent invalid clicks and traffic, but many marketers feel that they are not sufficient and that the true amount of click fraud is actually under-reported. To account for this discrepancy, Google has set up parameters to identify and block invalid traffic, and they have a lower threshold for repeat clicks, measuring each click from the same IP address separately.

On what ad platforms does Protect Ads work ?

Protect ads works with Google Ads, and we are working to build new partnerships with other ad platforms.

How much money is wasted on pay-per-click Google Ads click fraud?

According to a study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, click fraud is estimated to cost advertisers up to $19 billion annually. Also, it says that 70% of advertisers have been affected by PPC fraud, with an average loss of over $10,000 per month.

What campaigns are blocking IP types on Google Ads?

Protect Ads is committed to enhancing the reporting capabilities for its clients and is constantly striving to improve their experience. Our Paid Marketing dashboard provides information on blocked IPs and added them to your exclusion list on Google ads. However, this feature is only available for campaign types that support IP blocking and require access to your Google Ads account.

In order to prevent fraudulent IPs from affecting your Google Ads campaigns, Protect Ads sends a request via our certified API to Google to include the fraudulent IP in your account’s IP Exclusion List. This is only possible if the campaign redirects the clicker to a landing page and has an exclusion list.

- Search Campaigns

- Google Display Network

- Shopping Ads (excluding Smart Shopping) are examples of campaigns that are supported.

For campaigns that don’t have an IP Exclusion List, Protect Ads continues to identify fraudulent IPs and actively block them across supported campaigns to significantly reduce click fraud. Although these campaigns don’t have an IP exclusion list, Protect Ads will add fraudulent IPs to other campaign exclusion lists. These clicks/visits are not included in the ProtectAds usage plan but are closely monitored and blocked where possible to provide relevant data for other campaigns.

For instance:

ProtectAds can detect all fraudulent activity in Smart Shopping campaigns and prevent those IP addresses from clicking on your Remarking Display campaigns. However, there are campaign types that don’t meet one or both of the conditions mentioned above, and they’re listed in the chart below.

Do not have an Exclusion List Do not redirect to a landing page
App Campaigns / App Installs App Campaigns / App Installs
Discovery Campaigns Call-only Ads and Call Extensions
Smart / Smart Shopping Campaigns
YouTube Video Campaigns
Performance Max Campaigns
Local Services Campaigns

How can I implement the tracking code on my WordPress website?

With Protect ads, you can easily add our tracking code to your WordPress website.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1.Copy your Protect ads Tracking code: Go to your Protect ads dashboard and click on Domain Settings. Under the Install tracking code section, you will see the code you need to copy to your clipboard.

Step 2.Add Protect ads Tracking Code to your Landing Pages:

1.Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

2.On the left sidebar, click on Appearance > Theme Editor.

3.On the right sidebar, find and open the “Theme Header” (header.php) file.

4.On the code editor, look for the <body> tag and paste the tracking code right after it.

Note: The <body>tag might appear differently on the code editor.

For example: <body <?php body_class(); ?>>, but this is where the body section starts. Paste the Tracking Code on the next line).

5.Save your changes and you’re done!

About us

We are a high-tech team based in Romania that specializes in helping businesses protect their ads. Our advanced technology is used by companies around the world to protect their ads from fraud and save money by blocking malicious bots.

Our team is a diverse group which brings together experienced developers, marketers, and business developers that have created a platform and algorithms that allow you to easily monitor, detect and block malicious bots from stealing your ads budget.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Our team is dedicated to develop innovative solutions that help businesses around the world.

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